Top Tips for Ranking Your Gite Video Higher in YouTube

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If you know anything about search engine optimisation, you’ll probably be aware that Google now judges your holiday rental website not just on how much traffic you get and your keywords, but also how long someone stays on your site. What people don’t generally know is that Google-owned YouTube does exactly the same.

Attracting viewers’ attention and keeping it are two very different beasts. Now that you’re judged on how long someone watches your gite video, you need to concentrate your efforts on keeping attention. If you use YouTube to help advertise a gite for rent, you’re going to want to read on.

Work With the System
There are many SEOs out there who will offer to help you beat the system. Don’t bother with those. Google demonstrated long ago that it’s easier to work with them than against them and we would echo that. The good news is that many of the characteristics that attract attention are useful in maintaining it too.

Produce your gite videos on a schedule, concentrate on keywords and maintain consistent quality. Those are the most important ways to maximise the potential of YouTube videos for your gite. To get even more mileage from your holiday rental advertising, follow this recipe.

Start as You Mean to Go On
With any gite holiday rentals advertising, you need to tell your audience why they need to watch. With marketing videos, you need to make it abundantly clear within the first 10 seconds why your audience should stick around. Use the “what’s in it for me?” question in any marketing material and you’ll do just fine.

To deliver successful videos for your holiday rental advertising, you need to prepare in advance and refine your offering before you even unpack the camera. It takes time, but if you have it, the dividends will begin accruing almost immediately.

A good plan for any marketing video looks something like this:

Shot list – all the shots you need to complete the video
Storyboard – simple drawing of how you transition between shots and what order they will appear
Prop list – this includes any actors and props for each scene
B-roll – any additional video you can use to add flavour at the editing stage
With the average holiday rental advertising video, your shot list will be modest. Select the highlights of your gite from a guests perspective, choose the right time of day to make the shots and ensure you get everything before you edit. Similarly, the storyboard will be short, as the main transition will be a fade, fade to black, or fade to black with message. Prop list and b-roll for holiday rental advertising videos are entirely optional.

Give your audience what they want and they will come. Deliver a compelling, high quality holiday rental advertising video and your YouTube ranking should follow.

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