Tips for Looking for Your Dream Gite in France

Gites for Sale in France

Many people around the world dream of moving to France, search for Gites to buy, settle, and enjoy living their dream life. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how to get the best French Gites for sale.

In addition, the little information available out there about Gites for sale makes it difficult for those interested in French Gites to fulfill their dream. The good thing is, this article highlights everything you need to know about buying a Gite. The tips below can help you find and buy your dream Gite in France.

Do not choose the first property you view

Most people who do this end up regretting their decisions. Struck by how cheaper the gorgeous the French Gite is, compared to other properties in other countries, they make rushed decisions. It is good to be bold, but also it is vital to hold back and compare many Gites available for sale.

If you make a rushed decision when buying a Gite in France, it will reduce your chances of getting a better deal. With a slower approach and more negotiation, you can get a magnificent property at a lower price.

Visit the Gite during winter

Before buying a Gite, make sure that you visit the property during the wet season or winter. You will not only check if the property has any leaks that the seller has not told you about, but also make an informed decision. If you like the property in the rain and mud, chances are it is what you have been looking for.

Hone your criteria

Another issue with making a rushed decision in buying the first Gite you come across is that you have not honed down your list of requirements. When you searching for the best Gites to buy, do not give in to the first property. Look for a few more Gites and you will realize you really do not need some amenities or facilities that they come with. For instance, you may not need a Gite with a big steep land. You may need huge diggers to level sculpt and terrace the steep land to provide ample parking or a kids’ sports field. You may also realize later that the first Gite you picked does not have most of your requirements. The more Gites you visit in France, the higher the chances of finding one that meets your needs and preferences.

Narrow down from all of France to a specific local area

When you looking for Gites to buy in France, you may not be specific about the area you desire at first. It is essential to begin your search broad and then funnel down the search. Begin with the entire country and then concentrate on a specific area.

Different regions have different accents, amenities, as well as local’s approaches to foreigners. It is essential to conduct thorough research before buying a Gite in an unfriendly area. You can begin your research in a café or a bar. Find a local to have a conversation with and if they are friendly, ask them to help you or advise you about the best place to buy a Gite in that area. Decent people appreciate the opportunity to help. However, if you find it difficult to talk to the locals, or you find them unhelpful, try to reconsider the area.

Conduct intensive viewing

When planning your viewing trips, approach them like an organized military operation. If you are living outside France, and you cannot be on the ground at all times, visiting various real estate companies is not a practical option. Sacrifice some time and go to France to visit various Gites back to back. Use reliable websites to search for French Gites that meet your standards.

Organize several viewings per day between 3 and 5 properties in a specific area in France. Print out the Gites to buy listing with photos and take notes of each Gite you visit on the print-outs. That can help prevent the Gites you have visited not to blur together in your memory. You can also use your phone to take photos, notes, or audio notes as you survey the property. That can help you remember the specifics of each property you visit.

Use applications like Google Maps to test the time spent driving from one Gite to the next. The application will also help you ensure you have ample time between your scheduled bookings.

Since plans may change or slip, it is essential to print out the property’s address as well as contact details for every property agent you are dealing with. With these contacts, you can call the property agent and inform them you are running late. That will help keep the agent ardent for your next property viewing with them.

Rent the Gite for a while

Before buying the Gite, it is essential to rent the property you have honed down. That can provide you with an excellent opportunity to scan the area, amenities, schools, weather during the cold season, and the culture of the locals.

You can rent the property for one year or a duration of time that you find suitable. However, renting for the year is cheaper compared to holiday rentals.

Look out for unique selling points

If you are looking for a French Gite for business, check if the property has a selling point that stands out from others near you. Some unique selling points that can distinguish your Gite from others include:

• Walled gardens with walking areas
• Easy accessibility to a town
• Personal hot baths or heated pool
• Back-to-back homes ideal for tourists traveling together as a group
• Scheduled private grounds far from crowds and tourists
• Outdoor amenities like comfy lounge chairs or games for kids

In addition, consider what long-term tourists may want such as a specious closet or an extra pantry store.


Once you find a few French Gites that meet your requirements, do not hesitate to bargain. Some property owners do not look to make a profit. Others just want to get shot of the place. For instance, if the market price of the property is 150,000 Euros, you can bargain the property down to 100,000 Euros.

You can also share the bargaining idea with your property agent. Even while on a percent commission, the agent may support the idea. Some agents take a small amount of commission and seal more deals.

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