Staying in a French gite vs a hotel, hostel or villa

We may be biased but we think a gite in France is far better than staying in a hotel, hostel or villa. It offers more freedom to explore, higher standards of accommodation and the guidance of friendly gite owners.

They aren’t the only positives though. According to some of our fellow gite owners, there are other benefits offered by gites that you won’t get anywhere else.

Gites vs. hotel

Choose the right hotel and you’re buying into a lifestyle of pampering and luxury, room service, lots of facilities and city centre locations. Some hotels are in their own estates outside of town but the majority of them are in towns and cities.

Gites are better than hotels because they are quieter, more private, often in nicer locations and provide the same standards with less expense.

Sure, you don’t get room service or laundry but you have your own kitchen, your own laundry facilities (maybe) and likely a range of amenities you can use as you see fit.

Gites vs. hostel

Hostels are cheap, you can stay for just a night, meet other people and socialize with people from all over the world.

You can also contend with shared rooms, stuff going missing, uncomfortable beds, minimal furnishings, zero amenities and city centre locations.

Gites offer a higher standard of accommodation, no fears over stuff going missing, your own facilities and private spaces and much nicer locations.

Okay, you cannot usually stay for just a night in a gite but there’s a fundamental difference. In a hostel, one night is usually enough. Most gites we know of, one night is never enough!

Gites vs. a villa

Villas or holiday homes are very similar to gites in that they are private spaces with your own facilities, a lockable door, privacy, your own kitchen and bathroom and everything you need to begin living right away.

Many villas also come with a price premium as implied by their name. Some villas are luxurious spaces with sprawling floor plans, infinity pools and every comfort. Some are not.

Gites compare well with villas. They are typically lower priced and can include the same levels of comfort and amenities as a villa.

The many benefits of a gite

Like we said at the top, we’re not exactly impartial here but we are trying to be.

We think gites are simply the best way to enjoy France and fit into the national character of living comfortably with minimal fuss or effort and enjoying the countryside around us.

They are plentiful, spread across the entire country, great value for money and offer the balance of often having a helpful owner around when you need them with the privacy we all want at times when on holiday.

With the world slowly opening up and travel becoming more likely by the day, there has never been a better time to book your gite holiday!

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