Should You Use YouTube to Market Your Gite?

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Marketing any business is crucial to secure long term success. Clever, targeted marketing is crucial if you’re to make a profit. That said, it’s important to assess each marketing channel carefully before spending money to ensure its suitable for your type of business. If you’re planning on marketing your gite to attract new customers, this article is for you.

Businesses always need to ask themselves several questions before jumping onto YouTube. They are:

Is your business suitable for the YouTube audience?
What do you want to achieve with your video
Can you deliver a video of sufficient quality to attract guests?
Is a Gite Suitable for a YouTube Audience?
While gites themselves are suitable for any kind of video representation, not all gites can be shown off at their best this way. Luxury gite owners might not be so well served by YouTube as their target audience may not use the site as much as others. While video as a medium can be very effective, it may be better employed on the gites own website, rather than on YouTube.

If your gite is targeted at a younger, more tech savvy audience, then YouTube could be ideal.

What do You Want to Achieve?
A video of your gite can show much more than still images and compelling copy. That’s why it’s such a powerful marketing medium. However, before shooting, you need to decide what you’re trying to achieve. Are you looking to attract new customers by showcasing your gite? Or are you looking to add value to your existing customers by showing off the local area?

You can do three things with a video, entertain, educate or inform. Entertaining videos are the most successful but are the hardest to get right. Educational and informational videos are easier to make, as long as they aren’t too dry.

Can You Deliver Good Quality Video?
Nobody wants to spend their time watching the equivalent of a home-made video. They won’t attract the kind of clientele you want for your gite and may even put them off. If you can’t make a high quality production but still want to use the medium, hire someone who can. It costs money, but it’s an investment. One that done right, can begin providing returns almost immediately.

YouTube is such a significant marketing prospect for some gite markets, that it needs more than a single article to cover all the basics. So, next week, we’re going to cover using a video to rank higher and improve conversion. Join us then for more gite marketing tips!

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