Sell Holiday Rental Gites in Lower Normandy France


If you own one or more holiday rental gites in Lower Normandy they may well be on your land, or very near where you live. To be registered as a gite in France these unique buildings are either converted barns or old farm cottages where the owner lives near enough to go and greet their holiday guests and sort out any problems that arises.

Not all gites in Lower Normandy have to be registered and as long as your property is old and has character it can be called a gite and does not necessarily have to be related to your main residence. But if that is not your main home and you decide to sell a gite you will be liable to pay tax on the proceeds of the sale.

There are legalities relating to gites in Lower Normandy that do not necessarily exist in any other country. The main rule is you must use a French notaire even if you are not French and you have your own solicitor.

French notaires are the only people allowed to transfer a property from the seller to the purchaser in France but the good news is the purchaser has to pay the notaire’s fees.

If you put your gite in Lower Normandy in the hands of an agent rather than advertise your holiday gite for sale on your own, who pays the agent’s fees varies depending on which area of France you live in. There are a number of documents the seller has to provide to the purchaser but the notaire will help you with these.

One of the best websites to advertise your holiday gites in Lower Normandy for sale or gite rental is of course Gite World.

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