Reasons why guests choose gites instead of hotels

If you’re considering investing in a gite, it may be beneficial to know why guests choose to stay in them. Knowing your market is going to be key to your success and something we all have to get to grips with when starting a business.

Here are some of the main reasons our guests chose one of our gites over a local hotel.

Home from home

One of the key reasons gites are so popular is that they are more of a home from home. Hotels are nice but they can also be anonymous. Most gites will have some kind of personality, a wood burning stove, a kitchen, somewhere nice to sit and all the home comforts we love.

If your gite also has outdoor space where guests can sit and eat, all the better as that’s something they cannot do that often at home!

Peace and quiet

Even if a gite is in a town or village, you won’t have hundreds of other people walking up and down corridors outside your room. You also (shouldn’t) have people rolling home at 3am trying every hotel door trying to find their own either.

Even the best hotels are noisy, busy places. Gites are the opposite of that. Even city gites or those on the edge of town offer your own space to sit back and relax.

No nickel and diming

Nickel and diming is a term an American guest shared with us once. It means charging for every possible thing. For example, want a paper or a coffee in a hotel? You’ll pay for it. Want to wash your clothes? You’ll have to pay. Want a refill of your water or coffee sachets? You might have to pay.

A gite is self-catering but we don’t charge for every little thing. You pay the rate, opt for any extras if they are offered, like fresh fruit or dinner, and you don’t have to pay anything else.

More options to explore

If you like city breaks, hotels are great. They are mostly located by airports or city centres and offer a great base from which to explore. If you prefer exploring the countryside, nothing does that better than a gite.

Gites are everywhere. In towns, in villages or in the middle of nowhere. As long as you have transport, you can explore France with complete freedom.

Given how lovely rural France is and what you can see and do on your travels, we think this is the only way to enjoy the country!

With those reasons in mind, you can pitch your gite to attract guests looking for any or all the above. If you could appeal to all four of those reasons, even better!

Either way, knowing your audience and what they are looking for is key in running any business. That’s especially true if that business is a gite in France!

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