Property for sale in North Calais France

Calais is a very popular place for British residents to have a second home as it is only 40 miles from Dover in the South East of England. If you are looking for a property for sale in North Calais France there are plenty of things to do and see in that area. One of things you must not miss is to visit Vimy Ridge to see one of the most spectacular and moving memorials ever erected. It commemorates 11,000 Canadians who died there in World War I.

If you are looking for a holiday home in Calais and want to live in the North you need to look for a property for sale in North Calais France which will be listed as Nord-pas-de-Calais. Many people look for a property in France because the pace of life is slower and you get better value for money there when buying a property in France.

It is quite straightforward to purchase a property for sale in North Calais France as there are very few restrictions and none at all for residents of Great Britain which is why they move there in their thousands every year. You should budget to pay approximately 7-8% of the purchase price in fees and taxes and this is a fixed amount set by the French Government which makes your budgeting a lot easier to manage.

There are currently some lovely property for sale in North Calais France listed on the Gite World French property website. These include a six bedroom modern detached house just 600 metres from the beach in Le Touquet which comes with its own two bedroom rental gite. You would have no problem letting this to tourists all year round which would go a long way to recovering your 682,500 euros purchase price.

There is also a completely renovated character five bedroom French farm house with 3.25 acres of garden that includes a dovecote, river and even a waterfall. You could own this dream house for 530,000 euros. So you could do a lot worse than look for a property in Nord-pas-de-Calais or North Calais to us Brits!

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