Preparing your gite for guests in times of pandemic

With travel restrictions coming and going and states of pandemic hard to predict, knowing what to do if you own a gite is a tough proposition. How about preparing your gite? Are there rules for what to do and how to prepare a gite during the pandemic?

The short answer is no, there are no national rules on cleaning or preparing French gites for occupancy.

The industry body, the UNPLV has provided some guidance though. The Union Nationale pour la Promotion de la Location de Vacances, is the national body that looks after gites and holiday rentals and has put out guidance to help.

Cleaning gites for COVID

The following are just some of the guidelines provided by UNPLV and other interested bodies in relation to preparing your gite for occupancy.

Give at least 6 hours between guests arriving and departing – This is to provide separation between guests and provide you adequate time to clean appropriately during turnaround.

Wear PPE when cleaning – Wear gloves and a mask during turnaround and wash any reusable cleaning cloths, clothes, bed clothes and towels at 60C to keep them clean.

Perform your usual turnaround routine and add a disinfection layer – Perform your usual turnaround cleaning routine with your usual products. Then go around every surface using disinfectant compliant with EN 14476.

Change all bedding and linen without exception – Even if a bed wasn’t slept in by guests, change the bedding anyway and wash at 60C. This is mainly for family rooms with multiple beds but can include any adjoining rooms.

Air all rooms as much as possible – Weather permitting, open all windows and doors and get as much fresh air as possible into all rooms. Open them as soon as you begin turnaround and leave them open as long as possible to get as much fresh, clean air into rooms as you can.

Take out all rubbish – This should always be part of your turnaround routine but it’s worth stating again. Take out all the rubbish and remove anything left behind by previous guests to minimise cross contamination.

Wash yourself and your hands thoroughly – Once turnaround has been completed on one gite, wash your hands thoroughly. If you’re turning around multiple gites, use separate supplies for each and change PPE between them to avoid cross contamination.

As you can see, lots of those precautions most gite owners will do anyway. Changing bedding and linens, emptying out the rubbish, airing out rooms and making sure anything left by previous guests is removed ready for the next.

Giving more time between guests is also sensible. The guidance takes into account same day turnarounds over the weekend while giving enough to ensure you can clean properly and air the gite.

As always, check local guidance in your region as well as watching for national guidance. Keeping an eye on the UNPLV and any other relevant organisation may also provide useful information.

Be safe out there!

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