Preparing your gite advert ready for marketing

As we mentioned last week, marketing is something every business has to start before they even open their doors and never stop. It’s a constant campaign that should cover as many relevant channels as possible and push your marketing budget as far as it can.

Today we’re discussing your advert. The ad you’ll place on French gite websites, holiday listings and anywhere you can where your target market will likely see it.

There are a few things you need to consider when preparing the gite ad.

They are:

  • Good quality images
  • Show and tell
  • Emotional language
  • Selling the lifestyle
  • Outlining your USP

Good quality images

You know that saying ‘A picture paints a thousand words?’ It’s true, especially in advertising. You’ll need as many pictures of your gite as possible. All taken with a very high quality camera on a lovely sunny day.

Take pictures of everything and everywhere. Time it so each room gets maximum sunlight when you take the picture. Even if you have to take them in several sittings, make sure each room has plenty of light.

The more of your story you can tell with images, the more successful your gite ad will be.

Show and tell

Complement your images with brief descriptions about what each image shows to give context. Look at how other gites frame their ads and do something similar. Don’t copy them but feel free to use them as inspiration.

What does your target audience want to know? What will their unique needs be? Identify those and outline them in the ad. Combine the words with images to describe what your gite offers.

Emotional language

Emotional language is everywhere in advertising now. It means making an emotional connection with the reader to evoke a positive reaction. For example ‘relax in the glorious French sunshine while listening to the silence of the countryside broken only by the sound of wind through the trees that shelter your gite’.

This combines show and tell with emotive language to paint more of a picture of life in your gite. It works for big brands so should work for you!

Selling the lifestyle

Sell the lifestyle by using show and tell and emotional language. For example, if your target market is families, sell the lifestyle of fun, family days by the pool, playing games, sunning yourselves and eating fresh food from the market down the road.

If you’re appealing to couples, mention seclusion, access to amenities, privacy, activities, intimate restaurants, long walks along the riverbank and so on.

Identify your target market, assess what type of lifestyle they want or aspire to and use that.

Outlining your USP

Your USP, Unique Selling Point is something we have discussed before. It’s about finding something that makes your gite unique and selling it hard. That could be its own fishing lake, proximity to Le Mans, hundreds of miles of cycle trails, being next door to a cookery school or something else.

Every gite has something unique about it. It’s your job to identify it and use it to sell.

Advertising isn’t easy but it is a process. Approach it methodically and cover all your bases and you should do fine!

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