Marketing your gite in France

If you’re a new holiday gite owner, marketing is the one task you’ll start on day one and continue until you stop renting out the gite. It’s a continuous process that requires time, effort and investment so it’s important to get right.

We won’t be able to cover every element of marketing in a single post but this page will get you started. We’ll cover marketing in more depth in future posts.

For now, here are some marketing fundamentals for gites in France.

Maximise visibility

As soon as you pick up the keys and begin preparing the gite for rent, you want to set up a Facebook page and a website for it. You need a web presence to begin attracting visitors and the longer the pages are up, the more legitimate they will seem.

We recommend a website as well as a Facebook page to add legitimacy and widen the reach of your gite. Some guests don’t like or won’t use Facebook. Having a gite website with a contact and/or booking form allows a wider audience to make enquiries and bookings.

Once these pages are up, make sure to check your emails daily. Set Facebook up on your phone and add email to your phone too. That way, you can keep an eye on enquiries wherever you might be.

Always respond quickly to queries. Attention spans are short and the list of competitors is long. Snooze and you will lose!

Advertise locally

Don’t forget to advertise in the nearest town or village, have flyers printed so hotels or activity centres can have them ready for visitors, do deals with other venues in the area to cross-promote and make sure as many movers and shakers in your local area know where you are and what you offer.

Word of mouth is still an incredibly important method of marketing and should never be ignored!

Join gite rental websites

Gite rental websites are incredibly important for occupancy. They can occasionally be demanding and are often expensive but they repay that with extensive exposure and a potentially global audience.

Research the various platforms and decide which is most suited to your location, style of gite and target market. Then discuss listing your gite with them and try to strike a deal.

Social media and gites

Social media is incredibly useful in marketing but has to be used carefully. While Facebook is social media, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and other social networks can all be used to help spread the word.

However, social media requires time and constant effort. If you don’t think you’ll have the time to dedicate to building your social networks, you would be better off not using them.

It’s better to keep a Facebook page and nothing else than joining every social network and then not having the time to keep them updated!

How do you market your gite? Have any suggestions for gite marketing in France? Have any tips or tricks that worked for you? Tell us about them below!

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