Is there money to be made from running a gite in France?

With everything that’s happening in the world, it’s very tempting to look elsewhere for an alternative way of life. With all those TV shows on how good life can be when you move abroad, thoughts naturally turn to gites and whether you can make money from them.

That’s the subject of today’s post.

Can you make money from gites in France?

Making money from French gites

You can make money from French gites but how much depends on how many you have. If you’re planning to invest in a single property, don’t expect to make a living out of it.

Even once it’s up to standard and looked after properly, there isn’t a fortune to be made out of a single gite.

If you can afford to buy more than one gite, it can become much more lucrative. It obviously requires much more investment up front though.

The best money can be made in multiple gites on a single property or in close proximity. You can share maintenance and upkeep costs amongst the group and tend to each of them one after the other. There are lots of efficiencies to be made if you can set up that way.

Standing out from the competition

Aside from running costs, making money out of gites is also about occupancy. There are thousands of gites across France and many areas have reached saturation.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for another though.

It just means you’re going to have to offer a USP, Unique Selling Point, to stand out from the crowd.

That could be the buildings, the location, activities or something else entirely. Consider offering something few other gites cannot. An onsite cooking school, cycle training camps, artist’s retreats with lessons from a local artist, bonsai masterclasses or something more unusual.

If you can come up with a USP to use as a hook and pair it with an attractive gite, who isn’t going to want to spend time in a lovely property while learning a new skill?

Standing out from the competition can also mean offering home comforts. The modern traveller is a picky traveller. They expect all the comforts of home with no compromises.

Even if you own a 16th century chateau with lots of original features, travellers are still going to want WiFi, an en suite, a pool and the trappings of modern life.

Balance those demands with your gite and you’re going to make money!

Planning and potential

Like any undertaking, making money from a gite is mainly about the planning. Planning the type of property, the location, access, transport links, privacy, home comforts, maintenance, upkeep and all those things that can make a successful business.

The more planning you do and the more challenges you overcome in this phase, the more successful your gite will be.

The potential of a gite can be unlocked by the property itself, the home comforts you provide, the location and surroundings and proximity to local highlights. The more you can pack in to a gite, the more options visitors have when they arrive.

Cram as much of that as possible into your marketing and you should begin attracting visitors right away.

It is possible to make money from a gite but you have to be methodical and think carefully about your approach. You won’t make much from a single gite but if you’re lucky enough to have several on a single plot, you can make enough to live on.

That’s what thousands of us have already done. We’re sure there’s room for one more!

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