How to Sell Your Gite to Avoid New Second Home Tax

Ski Chalet in France

If you’re fortunate enough to own a gite in France, you’re probably already aware of the high cost of maintaining one as a second home. For all those second home owners, you need to be aware of this new tax being discussed by the French government.

The government, like many in Europe are scrabbling around for ways to make money to pay for themselves. Sarkozy has mooted a second home tax that could be levied on foreign home owners in France, including those of you who own a gite as a holiday home or holiday rentals business.

While the tax does face opposition from those inside the government, there is no guarantee that it will be thrown out. So that makes it useful to plan how to sell your gite before having to pay this tax, which is probably why you’re reading this. Gite World is keeping an eye on this new law, so keep coming back for news. In the meantime, read on.

Here are some quick-fire tips on selling your gite before this tax comes into effect, if it does.

Sort Out
If you love collecting or clutter, now is the time to put it on hold for a while. A cluttered gite is harder to sell as it’s harder for a buyer to imagine their own stuff in its place and difficult to truly see the character and size of each room. There’s no need to throw things away if you don’t want to. Simply box your things up and put them into storage while the gite is for sale.

Tidy Up
Once you have cleaned out, it’s time to tidy up. Decorate what needs to be decorated, tidy up the garden, the outside of the gite and anywhere that looks tired or dilapidated. While buyers do have imagination, it’s far better to take much of the thinking out of the equation. It leaves more room for emotion, which is what really drives gite sales.

A dirty gite will not sell. It gives entirely the wrong impression and will not sell, or won’t get the price you want. Keep the gite utterly clean at all times it’s on the market. Yes it’s difficult, especially if you have children or animals, but it is essential to get the sale. Have a tidy round before every viewing and ensure there is no dirt or dust anywhere.

Add Value
Once you have the basics covered, why not add value to your gite? Gite will pools sell well, as do gite with walled gardens, fantastic views and plenty of space. While it’s certainly not worth digging a pool unless your agent specifically says so, adding value can make it easier to sell and help it go for a higher price.

Adding value such as tidying up the kitchen and bathroom is a good selling investment. As is new carpets or steam cleaning if they aren’t too bad, landscaping if your grounds would benefit from it, adding a new driveway, or redecorating. If you can’t do these thing yourself, you have to consider which is more suitable for your gite and make a judgement call on whether it’s worth the investment or not.

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