How to sell your French gite when you cannot travel to France

While France is still controlling visitors and either stopping or requiring quarantine from visitors from the UK, how can you sell your French gite?

While quarantine and these travel restrictions won’t last forever, if you need to sell up now, how do you go about it?

Remote selling of French property is actually quite common and was popular long before the pandemic. The number of second home owners who live in the UK and buy in France is such that remote selling was always going to be a thing.

Remote selling of your French gite

The easiest way to sell your property is to use an agent to manage everything.

There are hundreds of agents across France with good English and who are willing to do everything they need to in order to help sell your property.

That will include taking photos, showing people around, advertising the gite and managing the details. You will pay for this service but it’s incredibly valuable if you cannot travel to France right now.

Gite upkeep and maintenance

Agents won’t be able to repair your gite or maintain it but they will likely know someone who can. There are also hundreds of local trades who will work on your gite while you’re not there.

Your main challenge here is communication. That can be offset by asking your agent to translate so the trades fully understand what you want or by using one of the many expat trades that call France home.

Have them prepare your gite for sale while coordinating with you via phone or email, use video calling so they can show you what they did and liaise with the agent to ensure everything is ready to sell.

Is now a good time to sell a gite?

Despite restrictions and an uncertain future, the French property market has remained buoyant. Those who cannot afford to escape to Cornwall seem to be escaping to France so it’s a strong market.

That makes it a good time to sell. Prices are good, there is a genuine appetite for French property and lots of buyers from across Europe are looking to purchase.

The details

Most agents who deal in gites are experienced in doing everything remotely. Documents can be emailed and electronically signed. Money can be legally transferred using specific services and websites like Gite World are viewed by people from across the globe.

All combine to provide a safe, reliable way to remotely sell your French gite with the minimum disruption or hassle.

If only every property sale could be so simple!

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