Furnishing and equipping your gite for guests

Now the world is slowly recovering and France is slowly opening up travel for more countries, gites across France are ramping up for a resurgence in business.

People have been cooped up in their homes for too long and there is an almost insatiable appetite for holidays. As France was already popular before the pandemic, it’s going to be even more popular after!

If you’re a new gite owner or are converting your first gite, what do you need to know when furnishing and equipping it?

The subject is huge and could fill many blog posts but we’ll outline the basics below.

Enough furniture for the occupancy

You’re going to want the right amount of furniture for the number of guests you’re inviting. If you’re setting up a family gite for 4-6, you’ll need seating and sleeping for the same number.

You’ll also need enough dining chairs and occasional chairs for that number if you’re providing them and a large enough dining table to seat everyone.

The same for any outdoor furniture you might include. Enough seating, a large enough table, large enough barbecue and anything else you’re including.

Cutlery and kitchenware

Outfit the gite kitchen as you would outfit your own. Include all the basics like washing machine, dishwasher, kettle, ironing board, iron and small appliances.

Provide crockery and cutlery roughly double the occupancy. So, for 4-6 people, you’ll need 8-12 settings plus a few extras.

Don’t forget knives, chopping boards, can openers, bottle openers, peelers and all the many common kitchen items you would expect to find.

Buy quality but don’t buy expensive. Things will be broken and lost but if you buy quality, you’ll need to replace them less often.

Bedding and towels

You will need to outfit the gite with enough bedding and towels for the occupancy with a couple spare.

We tend to recommend using several sets of the same bedding to make turnaround easier. The same for towels. Buy it all in bulk to save you money and make washing and replacement easier.

Again, buy quality but don’t buy expensive. That’s especially true for bedding.


Don’t forget the safety aspect of running a gite. You should include smoke detectors, a carbon monoxide detector if you have an open fire or log burner and a first aid kit.

Make sure guests know where everything is and how alarms work and include it in the guest guide too.

Optional extras

Optional extras can include books, board games, pool toys, garden toys, wood for the log burner and other optional extras.

Add them if it makes sense and would add value to the target market but not if it doesn’t.

Once done, look over your gite using the eyes of your guests. Check every room, test all furniture, imagine yourself with your children, imagine yourself with older children and make sure you have as much covered as you practically can.

If you’re happy, your guests should be happy!

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