Connecting your French gite to broadband

If you own a gite in France and want to attract a high occupancy, you need to offer the services guests demand. One service is broadband. Once seen as a luxury, it’s now seen as essential as electricity or running water.

But how can you connect a gite to broadband? How does it all work?

Connecting to broadband in France

Not all that long ago, getting an internet connection in France was a hassle, Quelle surprise I hear you cry!

You needed a France Telecom engineer, a telephone line and someone who knew about broadband to connect it all up. France Telecom would handle the connection up to the wall of your gite but it was then up to you to do the rest.

After ‘Plan France Très Haut Débit’, France’s huge drive to level up their broadband, all that changed.

There are four main broadband providers in France:

They provide a similar range of services as you get here in the UK. Some will offer broadband on its own or broadband and phone, some will add mobile and some will add TV to that.

There are also smaller independent operators offering connections. Who and what is available depends on where your gite is located.

You also need to know what zone you’re in. You will be in one of three zones:

  • Zone de dégroupage total – Local unbundled network open to competition
  • Zone de dégroupage partiel – Partially unbundled network with some competition
  • Zones non-dégroupées – Mainly rural areas for whom Orange is the sole provider

Depending on your zone, research providers in your area and the speeds and prices. Contact them to arrange connection and book a date.

Zone de dégroupage partiel and non-dégroupées will typically be dependent on Orange for their connection. Unbundled areas will have more choice. Check with the respective provider for areas of operation.

As with most things in France, the installation date will be fluid and subject to delay so don’t depend on it.

Connecting everything up

Some providers will connect broadband inside your gite and out, others won’t. You can request a full connection service when booking, so if you’re not tech-savvy, do that.

Otherwise, the provider will send the router and any cables and connections and leave you to it.

We recommend going for the full installation service if you’re new to France. While the technology is the same everywhere, how it all works can vary by region. If you’re planning to connect your property as a business, we suggest the best quality installation.

Otherwise, connecting your gite to broadband isn’t as problematic or as painful as it used to be. While it’s not as simple as in the UK, it’s a relative painless process that should have you connected within a few days of the booked date!

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