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Holiday Gites in France

You’re busy renovating and decorating your gite because you want it to rent out fast this coming holiday. But what if I told you there was an even easier and effective way of marketing your gite- specialist gîte site.

If you live in France and want to let a holiday home or run a gite business, we can help you promote your property more successfully. As one of the most reputable French holiday property websites, we have vast experience helping gite advertisers get more bookings and grow their clientele.

Read on to find out what you can do to enhance your chances of attracting clients and why we are your best choice for holiday rental’s advertising campaign.

Attention to Detail

Tourists usually have a firm idea of what they want in a gite, including the number of rooms, security systems, rules and regulations, space for outdoor activities among other must-have and must-not-have factors. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge to identify the small details that might make your gite attract visitors throughout the season. They also understand the reasons why most tourists prefer staying in a holiday gite over hotel accommodation, and won’t shy away from offering insights. These are the added benefits of staying in a holiday gite:

• Homemade Meals

If tourists are travelling with family or in a large group, it is expected that some members will have special dietary requirements. Opting for a gite rental gives such individuals greater flexibility when it comes to meals. If there are young children, they can carry some of their preferred snacks or even stock up from the nearest supermarket. And if some members want their foods prepared a certain way, they have the freedom to dictate how things will go.

However, staying in a hotel often restrict visitors to eating in the hotel dining area and only have limited food options. So nothing would be more rewarding than ensuring that your gite has a nice cooking and dining area.

• Value for Money

People traveling as a group will find it cheaper to rent a gite than staying in a hotel. Typically, hotels have policies on the number of people who can sleep in a room, forcing such explorers to book multiple rooms. Well, it goes without saying that the more rooms they book, the more money they’ll chuck out!

Besides, staying in a gite gives visitors the freedom to prepare their meals and bring in food supplies; hence they get to save some of the money they would have spent eating out.

• Relaxation

Let’s all agree that relaxation is the ultimate goal when going on holiday. On that note, visitors want to stay in a place where they can just chill-out, enjoy sceneries, play their favorite games, hear the birds sing, and enjoy life. Holiday gites are spacious enough for outdoor fun and playing with pets, making the vacation truly memorable.

But while some hotels allow pets, there is always the fear that the pet might struggle to adjust to the new environment and cause distractions here and there. And not to mention the irritation that comes with strangers snuggling the pet every time.

• More Control Over Your Timetable

Holiday gites offer breath-taking experience and allow visitors to be in control of their happiness. Since it’s a vacation, visitors might want to take charge of their timetable without someone else making the rules for them. Let’s be real – staying in a hotel comes with several restrictions like hotel rules, hotel breakfast times, hotel entry times, and smoking restricted areas. Do I need to mention the constant knocking by room service just when you’re about to take a nap?

By choosing a gite rental, tourists are in control over everything. They can decide to stay in bed all morning and make breakfast in the afternoon. They can go out, explore the local surroundings and come back in the middle of the night without having to explain to a gatekeeper who they’re and where they’ve been. Isn’t this what we all want? – Freedom!

• More Privacy

A holiday gite provides a home-like environment, allowing visitors to have their own space. Those who enjoy having meals all by themselves can have it that way. And those who need some personal time to think can just chill-out in the garden and unwind.

Even if your gites do not have a garden, it’s important that it has a place where families can play and hangout in privacy.

Time To Earn Money With Your French Gite

After ensuring your gite meets the functionality requirements and have that extra curb appeal, it’s time for professionals to do their job!

We have a user-friendly website that enables you to place adverts to rent your gite, B & B chambers or rental property. With us, you can easily create and manage advertisements yourself. However, you can count on us to share our years of expertise with you and offer personalized advice and assistance whenever you need us.

We are proud to be the top-performing gite rental agency in (service area) and the surrounding region. We strive to aggressively market our clients’ properties and have the tenacity to pursue every potential lead until we convert them into customers. We are not all about running advertisements, we work smart, put in the right amount of time and effort, do whatever is necessary to close a deal, and the result of our great work is evident in the success we’ve garnered over the years.

Here are the possibilities that our holiday gite rental services offer you:

• Create and manage your own adverts
• Personalise your advertisement with your profile
• Upload an unlimited number of photos
• Use the rental contract as per the French legislation
• Add videos of your property and the surroundings
• Create a theme with specific activities such as equestrian, fishing, farm, art, cooking, etc
• Manage your bookings more easily; visitors to your site will contact you, make bookings and pay directly!

Don’t let poor marketing strategies hinder you from accessing great opportunities. Give us a call or visit our website and we’ll be happy to offer you professional advice on how to make your holiday gite rent out fast!

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