5 tips for setting up your French gite for guests

Now travel is opening up again, more people than ever are looking to invest in France and in French gites. We’re all tired of staying at home and overpaying for cheap hotels and mediocre food and France offers a short journey to lovely way of life.

Who wouldn’t want that?

We are seeing a steady increase in enquiries for gites for sale and we think that will continue throughout 2021/22. If you’re planning to invest in a gite, it should be sooner rather than later!

Here are 5 tips if you are considering setting up a gite.

Is being a gite owner for you?

Many of the TV shows on running businesses abroad seem to skip over the sheer hours of graft and hassle of running a business. Don’t get us wrong, it’s an amazing experience and more fulfilling than working for someone else, but don’t underestimate just how much work it is.

Yes, gites are self catering but there is a lot involved in turnaround, maintenance, cleaning and general running of the business.

Plus, you really have to like people!

Location, location, location

There is some amazing property for sale in France but not everything you see would make a good gite.

You need to have things for guests to see and do, a town nearby for food, drink and entertainment and some kind of hook. The mountains, the beach, cycling, painting, golf or something that gives people reason to stay.

How much competition is there?

There are thousands of gites across France, all competing for the same number of visitors. While competition is good, you need to make sure you’re not entering a crowded marketplace with insufficient demand.

Check out how many gites are in your chosen area. See if you can find average visitor numbers from the tourist board and do what you can to assess whether a gite in that area has enough trade to sustain the business.

Try to develop a USP

Businesses with USPs, Unique Selling Points, survive and thrive much more often than those without. See if you can come up with a USP for your gite.

Could you offer cycling tours? Golf caddying? Are you near Le Mans or on the route of the Tour de France? Can you teach people Yoga or to paint?

All these things offer another reason for people to visit and can be a powerful marketing tool.

Identify your target market and aim everything at them

Do you want to appeal to families or couples? To people with young children? To people interested in sport or nature? Being able to identify your target market won’t exclude other people but it will give you something to aim for.

Having families as your target market allows you to tune your offering to their specific needs. Somewhere safe for the children to play, a pool, games equipment, a list of cool things in the area for kids to do and so on.

A sporty target market could include an equipment shed to store their gear, a drying room so they can wash and dry kit ready for the next day, a workshop area for bikes and so on.

You get the idea.

Running a gite is an amazing experience but not something you should go into without proper planning and forethought. We hope this post contributes a little towards that.

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